Latex Adaptable

A beautifully designed adjustable bed.


  • Foam: 4cm multizone and 2.4cm semi-natural latex
  • Knitted fabric cover features a probiotic to naturally combat harmful bacteria and dust mites
  • Cover is removable and dry-clean only
  • No-turn – rotate regularly

Probiotic cover
An all-natural application of carefully controlled ‘good’ bacteria which will take over the domains of harmful bacteria. It inhibits their growth as well as that of fungi, and reduces the allergic effects of dust mites. It reduces unwanted odours, too – and all in a natural way. Perfect for those who suffer from allergies
and have embraced a more natural way of life.

Latex is the semi-natural alternative to memory foam and is a healthy and cool way to provide the yielding support we love. Latex features 20% graphite, 40% synthetic latex and 40% natural latex

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